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Pop Culture Abroad: Entertainment Magazines from Other Countries


No matter how much of an intellectual you fancy yourself, you’ve read an entertainment magazine. Maybe it was an issue of People at the hair salon. Maybe it was an old TV Guide in your in-law’s bathroom. Maybe it was an US Weekly perused sulkily while waiting in line at CVS behind an eighty-year-old couple who brought their weight in expired coupons and needed to be told, gently but repeatedly, that CVS can’t accept expired coupons. No, not even if she begs. No, not even if he was in the war.

Old man with gun

This argument is slightly more persuasive.

Pop culture periodicals might not be cerebral, but they can be educational, in their own way. Looking at entertainment magazines from other countries can help you understand what the average person in that country thinks and talks about. And since I have two such magazines at my disposal–one from England, the other from Japan–I thought I’d make a short post about them.

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