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Body Horror with Heart <3

anatomical diagram

Hey gang, sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for a few weeks–I’ve been preparing for my upcoming trip to Japan. Speaking of which, I’ll be posting an article about WeIrD jApAn later today. It’ll be my last post before I disappear into an aether of cherry blossoms and excellent public transportation, so hopefully it’ll tide you over until my return at the beginning of July.

And now, an announcement: my short story “Whole” will be published in Pulp Literature volume 8, scheduled for release this fall! The premise can be described thus:

Having made a wish to switch places with her recently deceased sibling, a young woman finds herself rotting alive. With her insides liquefying and her brother slowly reviving, our heroine must cope with the bizarre ramifications of her sacrifice.

It’s as grotesque as it sounds, but I like to think there’s an undercurrent of sweetness to it. I’m extra pleased that Pulp Literature accepted the longer, grosser version–not the toned-down one I wrote in an attempt to appeal to more delicate sensibilities. I’ll share additional information as it becomes available!