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Disney by the Numbers: The Magic Kingdom

I visited Disney World for the first time over the holidays and decided to do a little amateur data gathering. Not about crowd size or ride capacity or anything substantive like that–no, as with everything I do, the study veered sharply toward the stupid. Here are the categories I investigated:

  • Kids: Worst Kid, Best Kid, Crying Kids, Kids on Leashes, Oldest Kid in a Stroller, Most Kids in a Single Stroller, Kids in Princess Costumes
  • Adults: Adults Having Tantrums, Overdressed Adults, Most Adults on a Single Mobility Scooter, Adult on a Mobility Scooter Who Very Clearly Does Not Need a Mobility Scooter
  • Miscellaneous: Minions Shirts, Christian Shirts, Matching Family Shirts, Stupid Shirts, Funniest Thing Overheard

And here are the results for The Magic Kingdom: Continue reading