Paradiso: The Lunar BluesPARADISO (72,000 words), the first of a planned three-part series, is a character-driven science fiction dark comedy. It follows the misadventures of Private Ira Stolz, a sweet but dim-witted soldier who is inadvertently brainwashed into believing he is a government agent with a mission of galactic importance. Abandoning his military duties, Ira takes to the stars on a misguided quest to make the United Worlds a happier place. He is joined on his adventures by Mark Majewski, a recovering addict on the outs with his powerful mob family; Ambrose Allred, the timid 11-year-old son of a tyrannical military officer; Brittany Foster, an embittered dissident and Ira’s sort-of girlfriend; Kali, an assassin, ordained minister, and dispossessed alien prince; and Robot, a uniquely un-therapeutic “therapy android.” Together, Ira and his crew face a mysterious lunar pandemic, the solar system’s largest crime syndicate, and a universe more dysfunctional than they could have possibly imagined.  Currently seeking representation.

The One in the Woods: YA Light FantasyTHE ONE IN THE WOODS (work in progress) is a young adult light fantasy.  Set in the isolated mountain hamlet of Hundred, Maine, the story follows Bridget Riley, a mischievous 17-year-old girl who lives and works as an ersatz nun in the town’s crumbling Catholic church.  Hundred–the missing child capital of New England–has always been a strange and tragic place.  But when inhuman tracks begin appearing in the mud and a half-feral child takes up residence in the home of the local sheriff, Bridget suspects that a supernatural catastrophe is at hand.  With the help of her adoptive parent, Father Barton Riley, and her new foster sister, Julia, Bridget struggles to uncover the truth behind Hundred’s small town exterior–and come to terms with her own peculiar origins.


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