Joanna Lesher, writer, editor, about meI am a freelance writer and editor from suburban Detroit.  I write science fiction, fantasy, and horror with a humorous touch.

At the age of three, I wrote (or rather, dictated) my first short story: a retelling of The Wizard of Oz in which Elmyra Gulch, having stolen Toto, proceeded to fall off her bike and die.  Toto ran home to Dorothy, the tornado made a last second diversion around the Gale farm, and no adventures were had by anyone.  It was a promising start to any career.

I continued writing throughout childhood.  In fact, I failed to do much else.  Alarmed at my sedentary lifestyle, my parents signed me up for community soccer and spent an entire season bearing witness to the macabre spectacle that was an out-of-shape nine-year-old nearly knocking herself unconscious with her own knee.  I think they regretted it.

I read continuously.  My special favorites as I grew older were science fiction and fantasy–especially funny science fiction and fantasy.  Though my earlier efforts had run the gamut from drama to romance to bicycle-related death, I began to write more genre stories.

After college, I worked for four years as an English and writing teacher at a private tutoring center.  I also taught English to recent immigrants through Washtenaw Literacy, an Ann Arbor-based non-profit.  From 2010 to 2011, my fiance and I lived in Hiroshima, Japan, and taught English at a conversation school.

Currently, I do side-work as a proofreader/line editor on both a volunteer and for-pay basis.  It goes without saying that I haven’t stopped writing.  When I get a free moment, I also like to travel, learn foreign languages, play table-top games, and freak out about television shows.  I live in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


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