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Rumble at the Goodwill Book Sale

Later in my life, when I’m asked to reflect back on my time in Boston, I’ll remember exactly two things:

  1. The T was always late.
  2. People in Boston are ready to throw down anywhere at any time.

I see more arguments on an average day in Boston than I’d see in an entire year in the Midwest. Some of these altercations can be chalked up to population density (in the city center) or meth use (in my neighborhood). But others seem to spring from something embedded in the culture. What would earn you a silent¬†grimace in Michigan lands you in a profanity-laced screaming contest in Massachusetts.

That’s not to say the Midwest is perfect, because God (and recent voting results) knows it’s not. But people there are, on the whole, less likely to become homicidally enraged because someone gave money to a homeless person outside¬†Tedeschi.


But I digress. Sort of.

Let me tell you about a fight I saw at Goodwill. Continue reading


How Do Dirty Stuff with Woman? Lifehacking Your Way into a Porno


Today’s book is called How to Get Her to Watch Sports, Have Snuggles, and Call Her Best Friend for a Chat.

Except that’s not what it’s called. What it’s actually called, I have to put under a cut, because for some reason I still insist on operating under the pretense that this blog is safe for work. Continue reading