What Is Good Writing?: Idiots Weigh In

What is good writing? A woman ponders the question.

Recently, I was asked to create a tweet answering the question: “What is good writing?” The finished product received a mediocre grade, which means I must not have addressed the issue very thoroughly.

“How did I manage to mess this up?” I groaned. “Any idiot could explain good writing!”

In today’s post, Any Idiot gets their chance.


Tim LeForge, College sophomore

Good writing is classic tales written in English, not Mexican


Chae Eun Park, Media specialist

Good writing should have a lot of sex


Brayden Cole, Middle school student

Good writing is penis 420 tom brady sux


Ellen McElvoy, Software designer

Good writing is an acquittal on charges of vehicular manslaughter


Carl Ames, Retiree

Good writing is Walmart coupons


Therese Grant, Social worker

Good writing isn't Caillou



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