The 60th Annual Michigan Antiquarian Book Show: Victorian Calling Cards

I don’t really think anyone needs a Victorian calling card explained to them, but just in case, let me whip out an explanation 12-year-old boy style:

The Victorian Era was a dumb time with a bunch of dumb people who didn’t even know how to use Facebook, so they used calling cards instead. The calling cards had dumb pictures on one side and some idiot’s name on the other. They were the stupidest thing ever. If you disagree, you’re a bigger buttlord than my stepdad.

Was that credible? I think I achieved my effect reasonably well.

All kidding aside, Victorian calling cards are pretty neat–and pretty flirtatious! Check out a few of the cards I found at the book show yesterday.

Victorian calling card - clasping hands

A man and a woman clasping hands–my, my, my! If that doesn’t suggest future romantical encounters, I don’t know what does.

Victorian calling card - "Think of me"

“Think of me” — ooh la la! Whatever lucky gentleman drew this card must have been knee deep in babes, or at least one particular babe.

Victorian calling card - "Friendship"

Last, but not least, we have…”Friendship.”

*sad trombone sound*

Imagine being the poor bastard who got this one. Everybody else is getting veiled invitations to entwine limbs (in the Biblical sense), and what do you wind up with? Friendship.

Victorian gentleman in fedora

And thus, a movement was born.


6 thoughts on “The 60th Annual Michigan Antiquarian Book Show: Victorian Calling Cards

  1. Junilita

    hello joanna, im junilita sulapas your friend here in the phil, do u still remember me? i missed u.. nice to here from you. im so proud of you. God bless u so much.

    1. joannalesher Post author

      Junilita, oh my goodness! This is amazing! Yes, of course I remember you. 🙂 We wrote letters back and worth for several years. I’ve often wondered how you’re doing. Are you still living in the Philippines? How is your family? Are you working now?
      I’m a teacher assistant for children with special needs. I also write. ^.^
      I miss you too!!!

      1. Junilita

        Gud morning beautiful, I’m married already, and have 3 kids. Yes I’m working already at Butuan city just here in the Philippines. I’m working as an accounting staff. I’m so happy for your response. I’m so excited to here more from you. I’m so blessed to have ur friendship. Take care always. U can email me @
        Thank you.

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