Milk Into Yogurt, the Sexy Way

Last Saturday I visited Classicon, the annual pulp/paperback show coordinated by the Mid-Michigan Antiquarian Book Dealers Association (MMABDA) and the inestimably excellent Curious Book Shop.  I took so many pictures that I have no recourse but to split them between a few separate posts.  This is the third of three.  Enjoy!

Having sadly taken our leave of the Curious Book Shop, my associates and I dined at Hopcat, an (apparently?) famous bar and grill in downtown Lansing.  Most patrons appreciate Hopcat for its dizzying selection of beers.  I appreciate it because its logo is a cute black cat holding a mug. Anyway, the women’s bathroom at Hopcat is wallpapered in covers from old glamour magazines.  Here are some of the more interesting ones: ImageI feel like these hypothetical orgasms get more ridiculous as you go down the list.  “Do Call Girls Have Orgasms?”  Fair question. “Orgasms Burn Calories?”  They sure do.  “Orgasms Can Turn Milk into Yogurt and Save You Money?”  Er, come again?  “Orgasms and the Kent State Killings?”  Okay, I’m officially uncomfortable. ImageHey, girls!  Guess what?  The way you look is really all about men!  That’s right, it’s nothing to do with you at all.  Your good looks exist solely for a man’s benefit, your bad looks solely to a man’s detriment.  All that matters about your appearance is how it affects the men around you. *a million fedora’d heads nod in unison* ImageThe cost of a fling with Costas: pink-eye, mostly.



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